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About Us

Gorgie Collective is an arts and cultural community group based in the west of the city of Edinburgh. Gorgie Collective's goal is to build community connectedness through collective making, cultural events, public art and placemaking projects. Our mission is:


Bringing art to the heart of Gorgie

Founded in 2017, Gorgie Collective is a constituted community group led by an all-volunteer committee. Our group comprises art lovers and artists from a range of disciplines. Membership is free and open to all adults based in and around Gorgie. All our workshops and events are free thanks to the generous support of our funders, partners and volunteers.

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Gorgie Collective Library

Gorgie Street Art Sculpture Trail Map (2021)

Gorgie Collective Place Making Report (2019)

Gorgie Collective Constitution

Gorgie Community Needs Analysis (2017)

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