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Gorgie Collective artists have created Edinburgh's first ever Street Art Sculpture Trail. The trail runs around Gorgie town centre and features sculptural artworks in ceramic, brass and concrete. 

Public artworks by Yvonne Weighand Lyle, Mario Alberto Gonzalez Robert, Katriona Gillespie and Louise McVey are located at 5 sites in Gorgie: White Park on Gorgie Road, Wheatfield Street beside Tynecastle Stadium, Wheatfield Place, Stewart Terrace and Wardlaw Terrace.


You can see a short film of the trail here:

Download a free, illustrated map of the trail by Mario Alberto Gonzalez Robert here:

We hope you enjoy exploring our street artworks!


Copyright for all artworks, photographs, film and illustrated map: Gorgie Collective and the artists


Yvonne Weighand Lyle

Mario Alberto Gonzalez Robert

Louise McVey

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